Hire the Coventry dojo

Hire out our Coventry dojo!
It's set up with approximately 33ft x 24ft padded mat space. There are punch bags on the side of the
hall, for your personal training. We have a changing room, nearby kitchen and toilet facilities.

​Perfect for personal training; training for a couple of hours or group Martial Arts courses or
conducting regular class sessions

We request that no shoes or footwear are used on the mat area and that you respect the use of the
dojo and equipment.

Please note we take no responsibility for your training which includes any possible associated injuries and *proof of insurance must be provided to this end prior to hiring the dojo.  We reserve the right to refuse usage.

Personal training (up to 2 people): £10 per hour (* waiver form required if no insurance for personal training )
Group sessions: £15 per hour
​To arrange or discuss please contact Tariq on +44 (0)7861774282