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Kids Classes at the Coventry Dojo

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Kids Exercises
Wrestling with a Giant
Deflecting a front kick
Stay put
Aikinagi throw

We teach Aikido and self defence in a very safe and enjoyable environment. Our club is really treated as 'one big family' and everyone is welcome. However, our expectation is good etiquette, discipline and willingness to  learn and then hopefully 'give back' to others. Our concern is for all our children, to allow them to fulfill their full potential and to cope with, and overcome adversity whether it is from within or from others. 


Our objectives are to help students to become confident and empowered with transferable life skills and Martial Arts skills. To find a balance of mind, body and their spirit or will.


Students work through a system of grades going from no belt through to the dan grades (black belt grades), with gradings approx every 4 to 6 months.  Our focus really is about what our students learn and self development rather than just the focus on grades.


We have developed a mentoring scheme, where after a while, if students show appropriate traits then they are invited to become assistants to support one another, under the Instructors' supervision, so learning and teaching are ingrained together.

A Typical Session

A typical class lasts one hour, and starts with Yoga based warm ups to stretch and strengthen  the muscles, tendons and ligaments, increase blood flow and trigger better respiration and better breathing so the body is primed and ready for the rest of the class.  

The exercises are followed by 'how to break a fall' without hurting themselves.  This is followed by drills, such as deflections, how to deliver attacks (Jab/crosses/upper cuts/ hooks/kicks/elbow and knee strikes), reflex and speed practice.  We use gloves and various pads, as well as light standing punch bags.

This is then followed by techniques to defend against the learnt attacks. Students practice with different partners to get used to diversity of attacks through a variety of opponents. After this we wind down with a summary session followed either by fun Martial Art 'games' or cardio work out.

The class starts with paying respect to one another and closes in a similar fashion where everyone is expected to shake hands with everyone on the mat and their instructors.  They are reminded to thank their parent(s) / guardian(s)  for bringing them.


Sometimes we will ask students to do some home work such as extra practise or to research some aspect of the training or Art form

Bags don't hit back
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 Come Join us .

​Adults : Fri 7.30pm - 9pm

             Mon 7:30 -9.30pm

Kids     : Sat 10.30-11.30am


Contact : Tariq

on 07861774282

*new beginner classes

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New Sat


Kid's Aiki classes  .

  • Empower your children

  • Expand their potential

  • Provide skills to deal with life

  • Provide a sense of well being

  • Help understand and fulfil their potential

  • Provide confidence 

Sat 10.30am - 11.30

Contact : Tariq

on 07861774282

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