Master Pat W. Stratford (8th Dan Aikido and Budo Headmaster)


Sensei Pat W. Stratford (8th Dan Aikido and Budo Headmaster) passed away at the age of 92 in the year
2019. He led a prolific life; was an explorer of life, a thinker, a challenger and a master of the Martial
Arts and in particular Aikido.

​He has touched the hearts of so many people, he has shaped the lives of so many others and leaves
us with a legacy of a truly inspired style of Aikido.

He has many accolades, but his only concern was for the true study of Budo and for his students to
hold true to those principles. If it is willed, we look forward to meeting you once again in the next life
 ..... your students Furrukh and Tariq and many others.

Screenshot_2020-03-24 Embassy of Japan i

Pat at the Japanese Embassador's home in London having received the Order of the rising sun, Gold and Silver rays - bestowed by the Japanese Government 2009.


He was honored Budo Headmaster by the All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation in 2012.

Master Norio Tao (left) with Master Pat Stratford (centre) and his "spiritual brother" Master Tanaka , as he would call Pat.